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Thank you for visiting my home page. My name is Rohit Banga. I am a Software Developer working at Amazon Web Services on AWS ElasticBeanstalk. I recently completed my MS in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. I was born and brought up in India and I love home made Indian food.

I wrote my first "Hello World" program in the summer of 2003 in C++ compiled using Turbo C++ Compiler on an old i386 PC. Programming has been my passion since then. As a student and a professional developer I have tried to diversify my knowledgebase by working on projects from different fields and also working on different parts of the software stack.

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As a Master's student I was working on C4G Vein-to-Vein an open source software solution for tracking the lifecycle of blood from the point of donation to transfusion. My advisor for this project was Dr. Santosh Vempala. This software product is aimed at replacing the manual procedure adopted for managing blood products in several developing countries of Africa. C4G Vein-to-Vein started as a collaboration between the Computing for Good (C4G) program at Georgia Tech, the CDC, Safe Blood for Africa and the participating countries of Africa. Initially developed at Georgia Tech, this project is now being maintained by Jembi under the name Blood Safety Information System (BSIS).

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